ISO Accreditation

Montserrat is committed to providing a quality health service and positive patient outcomes as well as adopting principles and practices that eliminate reduce and manage risk across our organisation.

To achieve this Montserrat Day Hospitals has developed a Quality Management Plan which meets the internationally recognised health care standard ISO9001 Health Services Accreditation.

Since the release of this standard in the 1980’s, ISO9001 has become the most used and published standard in the world. In Australia an increasing number of Health Regulators, or Funding Providers are accepting ISO9001 (incorporating the CSSQH) as a tool to demonstrate sound management practice and patient outcomes.

In essence ISO9001 Certification reflects an Organisation’s commitment to quality, leadership, systems and the sound and stable processes which can deliver consistently safe and expected patient outcomes.

Montserrat Day Hospitals are accredited under this standard until 2018.

A feature of the accreditation process is regular inspections and reviews. As such, on-site inspections were completed at each of the Montserrat sites in early 2017.

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