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Gastroenterologist (Guaranteed Income for Right Candidate)

We are currently seeking a Gastroenterologist either already in Private Practice or looking to commence in Private Practice. We can offer 1 day each week with guaranteed private patient numbers (Open Access) as well as ad hoc lists throughout the year. This may enable you to continue with some public committments or grow your private practice into a full time practice. A Gastroenterologist with an interested in IBD would be highly regarded. Please contact Ben Korst – bkorst@montserrat.com.au or 0423 397 565.

Part-Time Gastroenterologist – Ipswich

We are currently seeking to add another Gastroenterologist to our practice, based primarily in Brisbane’s Western suburbs. If you are interested, please feel free to contact Ben Korst (CEO) on 0423 397 565 or bkorst@montserrat.com.au.

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