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Dr Darshit Thaker

Dr Darshit Thaker is a Medical Oncologist and Palliative Medicine Specialist. He has experience working with Queensland Health a Redcliffe Hospital, Royal Brisbane Hospital and Hervey Bay Hospital. Specialising in managing all solid tumour types, and with special interest in gastrointestinal, colorectal and breast cancers, Darshit provides effective and personalised care to his patients during their journey from diagnosis to active management to palliation.

He completed his oncology training in RBWH in 2012 and won the prestigious Unicorn Foundation Award to expand his knowledge in neuroendocrine tumours. He presented his research at ENETS conference at Barcelona. He did extensive research on Teleoncology, which took him to national and international conferences for oral and poster presentations. His passion continues as he runs Telehealth clinic to Hervey Bay Cancer Centre. He has multiple publications in various peer-reviewed journals.

Darshit has maintained an active interest in teaching and clinical research as well. He is member of various clinical trials groups i.e. AGITG, RBWH clinical trial group. He is an accredited supervisor for advanced trainees of RACP, examiner for fellowship exams and Senior Lecturer at University of QLD.

He joined North Lakes Oncology Centre on 1st January 2015. Appointments to see Dr Thaker at the North Lakes Day Hospital can be made by calling 3859 0690. Dr Thaker can be contacted on his 0402 064 156 for urgent consultations.

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