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Welcome to Sydney Day Surgery

Sydney Day Surgery is a bespoke, privately owned day hospital located in Darlinghurst, New South Wales. Owned and operated by nationally recognised, premium healthcare provider Montserrat Day Hospitals, our professional staff have been assisting world-class surgeons to provide outstanding patient care since 2001.

Our facility is modern, comfortable and purpose-built for our patients’ experience. We proudly invest in the best medical technology and specialise in IVF procedures, gastroenterology and minor gynaecological procedures.

Sydney Day Surgery specialises in the following medical services:

IVF Procedures

Egg Collection, Embryo Transfer, Surgical Sperm Retrieval, IUI


Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy and Endoscopy


Our Commitment to Patient Safety and Quality

Sydney Day Surgery is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare, with a core focus on each patient’s experience. Providing the safest possible care and achieving desired patient outcomes is reflected in our:

  • Day-to-day operations
  • Consumer engagement
  • Corporate and clinical governance
  • Workplace Support systems
  • Culture and values

We utilise Montserrat’s robust Quality Management System (QMS) and clinical governance framework to manage the care and services we provide. We place great importance on the relationships we have with our clinicians, employees, patients and the broader community.

At all times we uphold the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) to deliver quality healthcare locally. We also report on several clinical indicators including patient satisfaction and medication safety which are embedded in our hospital operations and workflow.

How we Engage with Consumers

We understand the importance and benefits of engaging with consumers and patients, and have the following partnerships in place to foster this:

1. Relationships between clinicians and patients at the point of care; relationships founded on our values of respect, integrity, collaboration, innovation and compassion.

2. Patients and consumers are selectively involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of change at our facility

3. Consumers are involved in the governance, policy and planning of our healthcare service focusing on areas including patient safety, quality improvement, and patient/family education.

We are proud of the dialogue and relationships with have with patients, consumers and staff not only for their well-being but to optimise patient outcomes and the overall experience at our day surgery. Our hospital’s approach is always to formalise the communication and documentation requirements critical to patient safety at key times during the delivery of care.

Sydney Day Surgery's Patient Safety & Quality Measures

At Sydney Day Surgery we encourage patients to provide feedback before discharge or by visiting our website, and we collate this information to improve our service delivery. Patients are welcome to submit a complaint should they be dissatisfied with their specialist or experience.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality patient care and engaging with consumers is reflected in our near-perfect scores for the last quarter showing 100% consumer satisfaction and 100% consumer experience with no complaints received. 

Consumer Satisfaction (Jan - Mar 2022)

Consumer Satisfaction 100%

Consumer experience (Jan - Mar 2022)

Sydney Day Surgery achieves very high standards in infection prevention and control through:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Use of Personal Protective equipment
  • Safe use of disposal consumable equipment
  • Reprocessing of medical equipment and sterilisation techniques
  • Routine Cleaning

Our systematic approach to preventing, controlling and responding to infections creates a safe environment for visitors and staff at our facility. Our latest quality report revealed a 92.5% compliance rate in hand hygiene. Further supporting our commitment to preventing and controlling infection, our day surgery reported zero post-surgical infections for the January to March 2022 period.

Patient Outcomes - Post-surgical Infections
(Jan to Mar 2022)

The safety reporting systems we use to detect near misses and incidents enables us to improve practice and prevent future adverse events. A near miss is an adverse event that has been intercepted and has not resulted in harm for example:

  • Slip or falls not resulting in injury
  • Medication error that has not resulted in harm (refer to Medication safety)
  • Pressure Injuries resulting in no harm

We are pleased to report no incidents of falls or pressure injuries at Sydney Day Surgery for the period January to March 2022.

Incidents Falls
(Jan to Mar 2022)

Pressure Injuries
(Jan to Mar 2022)

Sydney Day Surgery has safety systems in place to prescribe, dispense and administer the right medicine to patients and prevent the occurrence of medical-related incidents.

To ensure medication safety we engage with consumers in the following ways:

  • Sourcing a patient’s medication history prior to commencing an episode of care
  • Requesting full disclosure of each patient’s medication history in our Health Assessment Form
  • Partnering with community pharmacies so patients receive the right medication and education
  • Dispensing all medications before patient discharge

We are pleased to report there were no incidents in medication safety from the 599 patients cared for at our day surgery from January to March 2022.

Medication Safety (Jan to Mar 2022)

Surgical complications requiring a patient to unexpectedly return to theatre happen rarely at Sydney Day Surgery. Our most recent report shows no patients were readmitted to hospital for this reason.

Unexpected Returns to Theatre (Jan to Mar 2022)

Contact Us

Please contact our experienced team for all bookings and enquiries:

OPENING HOURS: 7.00am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Location Information

Entry Details: You can access our facility through the main entrance on Darlinghurst Rd. Day Surgery reception is located on Level 2.

Parking: Limited paid parking is available onsite. The carpark is accessed behind the building on Kirketon Rd. Street parking has strict time restrictions. Additional paid parking is available at St Vincent’s Public Hospital on Victoria Street.

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