The Battle against ovarian Cancer


The Battle against ovarian Cancer

Great effort to the Montserrat Cancer Care Team:  The Full Montyserrat
The Battle is the signature event for the Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation which helps to fund research into more effective, less invasive and gentler treatment options for gynaecological cancer sufferers.

A special thanks to the following Montserrat staff for showing of some skills on the sand and the amazing team spirit and support.

Montserrat IT manager- James Bowman, Business Development Manager- Ken Hilliard, Dr Hong Shue -Oncologist, CFO-Shane Kosanic,SCHOC Nurse Manger Kim McCullough and SCHOC Manger- Gayle Dowsett

The event raised over $100,000 for the research team at QLD Centre for Gynaecological Cancer Research

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