E-Referral Forms/Templates

GP’s wishing to refer patients electronically to Brisbane Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy via our Open Access
Service are advised to download the following templates:

Endoscopy Referrals should be sent to Medical Objects, Address

Montserrat Day Hospitals Central Referrals (this address can also be located under provider number ID: CM40000007H)

  • For Technical Assistance downloading forms, please contact the team at
  • For Technical Assistance with Medical Objects, please call 07 5456 6000

GP’s referring Patients to Brisbane Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy via our Open Access
Service are requested to use the attached PDF file.

GP Referral Pads

If you require a new referral pad, please contact the team on 07 3833 6701 or via email

Call us @ 07 3833 6701

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