GP's wishing to refer patients electronically to Brisbane Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy via our Open Access Service are advised to download the following templates:

GP Education

Montserrat provides continued professional development through their GP Education Programs. Montserrat holds 5-6 GP education evenings per year at our various locations focusing on various topics based on feedback from the GP community and also new services we are offering. We are an Accredited Provider of the RACGP which means you will accrue CPD points when attending our Education evenings.

Open Access Endoscopy

All Montserrat Gastroenterologists are equipped with the software and hardware to provide Telehealth consultations.

Montserrat Day Hospitals are proud to operate a growing network of Day Hospitals and Oncology Clinics across Australia. Founded in 1996, Montserrat Day Hospitals provide patients with access to quality, timely and affordable care, locally. Innovation and integrated models of care are at the forefront of quality service delivery. Our Day Hospitals include:

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