About Us

About Us

Montserrat Day Hospital's History

Montserrat Day Hospitals was founded in 1995 by Dr Peter Montserrat Stephenson (Retired Gastroenterologist), one of the early innovators in Australia’s Day Hospital sector. Dr Stephenson established Montserrat’s first Day Hospital in 1995 before becoming the President of the Australian Day Hospital Association. Dr Stephenson held this position for five years and played an instrumental role in developing Australia’s Day Hospital industry. Dr Stephenson’s patient-centric approach is Montserrat’s philosophy to this day – striving to ensure patients receive exceptional quality healthcare close to home, by warm and empathetic staff, in an environment more comfortable and welcoming than larger overnight facilities.

Whilst Montserrat’s name is synonymous with its core specialty, Gastroenterology, since the mid-1990s, Montserrat has broadened the scope of its Gastroenterology business to deliver expanded surgical, procedural and oncological services nationally.

Montserrat now specialises in Dermatology, ENT, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Pain Management, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Urology. Development of services has also seen the establishment of standalone Haematology and Oncology Clinics in Western Australia and Queensland.

Montserrat Day Hospitals are proud to deliver premium day surgery services, with facilities located in South-East Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. In addition to our metropolitan facilities, Montserrat provides outreach services to patients residing in Albany and Bunbury, providing accessible, high-quality care to these regions.

With significant experience operating Day Hospitals, Montserrat prides itself on ensuring that all patients and doctors are provided with exceptional customer service and the highest standard of care (adhering to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards).

After becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Healius Limited in 2018, Montserrat Day Hospitals has joined the Nexus Hospital group, forming one of Australia’s largest short-stay hospital providers. As of April 2023, Montserrat is now part of Nexus Hospital’s portfolio of 27 short-stay hospitals across Australia. Montserrat’s strong patient focus aligns well with Nexus Hospitals’ core values, and we look forward to the scale and depth that the combined hospital group will provide for our patients and the Australian healthcare system through the continuous delivery of affordable healthcare services with excellent clinical outcomes and patient experiences.

As part of the Nexus group, we are committed to delivering Australians more affordable, high-quality healthcare. One of the most valuable ways we continually improve our services and patients’ experience is by contacting patients post-procedure to obtain their feedback and ensure they are recovering well.

Feedback from our patients and the medical community is information we value greatly. Please contact our experienced team at info@montserrat.com.au or phone +61 7 3833 6701 to tell us about your Montserrat experience today.

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