Brisbane Haemorrhoid Clinic

Brisbane Haemorrhoid Clinic

Many people suffer from embarrassing conditions which affect their everyday life. Some examples are pain, discharge, bleeding or itching. Sometimes you don’t even feel comfortable talking to your loved ones or GP about such problems. Now you can have the comfort of talking to a dedicated Doctor who talks about these problems every day.



Brisbane Haemorrhoid Clinics operate at the following locations on a rotation every Tuesday: 

Samford Rd Day Hospital | 383-391 Samford Rd Gaythorne
North Lakes Day Hospital | 7 Endeavour Blvd North Lakes
Westside Private Hospital | 32 Morrow St Taringa

 The fast access clinic is operated by Dr Lindsay Watson, who has been a GP for over 10 years.

Using the skills of a number of experienced Surgeons, Dr Watson will quickly assess your condition and identify your best course of action for a resolution. Commonly patients ask us what the likely outcome of a consultation will be?

1. You may not have haemorrhoids and some form of medication, cream or ointment will be prescribed;
2. You may not have haemorrhoids but suffer from rectal bleeding. A colonoscopy referral can be provided;
3. You may have haemorrhoids that can be treated by the HALRAR technique. In which case a referral and booking can be made for this Surgery at a location and time convenient to you

Your bottom can’t be rested in a sling. It is an area of your body that must be used everyday and cause a great deal of suffering. Therefore, you must take action. But know this, anal conditions are extremely common.

Using a variety of techniques, many of the symptoms associated with Haemorrhoids now have modern techiques to fix these problems.

If a surgical option is required, surgery can be booked on the day of your appointment.

If you are speaking with your health fund about the HALRAR procedure the following item numbers will be useful: 32139, 32120 & 51300. The Surgeon will generally charge AMA Rates. Out of pocket expenses to the patient with respect to the hospital will depend on the health fund and the patient’s level of cover.

After your surgery, you will be followed up by a nurse, be seen at a 4 week post-op clinic (bulk billed) and a copy of your surgical report will be sent to your regular GP for your historical medical file.

If you are interested in an appointment with Dr Watson, call us today on (07) 3833 6707 or for further information about this clinic visit

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