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Dr Sorab Shavaksha (Buderim, QLD)


Dr Sorab Shavaksha (Buderim, QLD)

Clinical Haematologist - MBChB, FRACP, FRCPA

Dr Sorab Shavaksha is a Clinical Haematologist in full-time private practice at SCHOC in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast since 2013.

Sorab prides himself on an honest and practical approach to haematology in the 21st century, taking state-of-the-art haematology research and trials information from around the world and fusing them into real-world outcomes for patients on the Sunshine Coast.  Sorab interprets patient’s clinical symptoms and signs, integrates them with relevant investigations and formulates individual management plans that take into account every patient’s personal circumstances.

Sorab treats all haematology conditions including malignant and non-malignant conditions with a focus on myeloma, lymphoma and leukaemias as well as myeloproliferative disorders, myelodysplastic conditions and other rarer blood disorders.  Sorab runs a dedicated intravenous iron service and can supervise patient care during infusions for non-haematological conditions such as monoclonal infusions and immunoglobulin therapy.

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