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Tania Shaw (Buderim, QLD)


Tania Shaw (Buderim, QLD)

Remedial, Complex Lymphatic & Oncology Massage Therapist

Tania received her Diploma in Remedial Massage in 2006; later going on to qualify in Oncology Massage and Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy with internationally recognised providers of education when she recognised the need for appropriately trained professionals on the Sunshine Coast.

Working daily with the unique experiences that Oncology Massage and Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy brings has brought a high level of awareness to Tania’s work, as well as building a profound knowledge base from which to draw upon. She has developed advanced rehabilitative techniques based on this experience and, working holistically, uses them for the management of lymphoedema and lipoedema, chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, scar mobilisation, range of movement difficulties and other issues that can arise from the treatment of cancer. Pre-existing issues are also considered when deciding upon an appropriate course of massage therapy.


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