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Specialists seeking accreditation, Please Contact:

Download a copy of the accreditation documentation and fax to us on 07 3833 6740, marked attention: Credentialing Officer

Review of Credentialing Application

  • Upon reviewing your completed application, the application will be reviewed by the CEO or Chairman of Montserrat Day Hospitals
  • At this point temporary accreditation may be granted for a short period of time
  • Supported applications are then referred to the Credentialing Committee (held 2 times per year) for consideration
  • A letter confirming Accreditation at Montserrat Day Hospital/s (Westside Private, Samford Road or North Lakes) will then be forwarded to the doctor

Theatre Allocations

Please see below who to contact if you are wanting to discuss theatre allocations for the various hospitals.

Call us @ 07 3833 6701

For all appointments and enquiries, please call.

Request a callback

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